Veronica Gomez

We are an Interior Design Studio with over 10 years of experience, specializing in remodeling, consulting and decoration in the residential, commercial and corporate areas.

Devolviendo cariño a la terraza

Returning love to the terrace

The terrace is a typical meeting place in Manta. For this reason, our client decided to return the n...

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Reconstrucción de Sala y Cocina

Reconstruction of Living Room and Kitchen

One of our most loyal customers has made several projects at home with us. This time we were arrangi...

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Transformación Total de Suite en Manta

Total Transformation of Suite in Manta

We received this work in very bad conditions. The Manta earthquake had left her with the floor raise...

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Remodelación de Cocina 101

Kitchen Remodeling 101

The concept of this kitchen was to bring clarity and clean feeling to every corner. The transitional...

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